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The royal room

Seats up to 8

One of the original bedrooms in the Tea House. Perfect for a more intimate gathering.

the duchess and queen room

Suitable for 20-25 guests.

The original sitting room and kitchen of the Tea House.

The princess room

Seats up to 12

Perfect for a baby sprinkle, luncheon, or breakfast meeting. 



Spliced between the palm trees and luxury towers that have come to define West Palm Beach sits an attraction of an entirely different color. Serenity Garden Tea House is everything traditional: Victorian place settings, bone china, polished silver, and lace-covered tables. Whether one goes for High Tea or the more formal Afternoon Service, a major highlight is Serenity Garden’s own pineapple and coconut black tea—perhaps the place’s one and only indication of its proximity to turquoise waters and Caribbean flavors.
— Travel & Leisure - One of America's Top Ten Tea Rooms - 2015